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The Gold Mesotherapy is a novel technology which utilizes a series of micro-injection needles to deliver customized facial treatments directly into the skin. Gold Mesotherapy penetrates to the root of the area, effectively treating skin conditions such as but not limited to; severe acne, under-eye hollows, fine lines, and chest creases.


This skin-rejuvenation therapy shows significant improvements to various skin concerns, even after one session. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Labbad to determine if Gold Mesotherapy is the right option for you! Customization of treatments and alternatives are available to fit your needs.


The Gold Mesotherapy device consists of a series of 24k gold-plated surgical-grade needles, commonly referred to as 'micro-channels', which measure thinner than a strand of human hair. Each micro-channel injects a therapeutic solution (fillers, PRP, growth factors and neuromodulators) just under the dermis, at a consistent depth of 0.6 mm. The injection system is comprised of a grid of microchannels with miniature spiral grooves to microdose and microinject the solution. During Gold Mesotherapy approximately 1,200 to 2,000 microinjections are made into the skin every minute; resulting in quick and efficient skin treatment.

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Significant results appear within the first two weeks after treatment. Additional treatments, as recommended, will yield enhanced and refined results.


Gold Mesotherapy benefits include:

  • Pain-free delivery

  • Direct dermal application

  • Safe & time-efficient

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