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Skincare Sunday | Summer Glow Up

Dr. L here! This week is all about getting that dewy summer glow that we all seek! The summer is a special time for the skin, in some ways things get better and in other ways

things get worse.

One change that occurs in our skin during the summer is that it gets more oily, sometimes a lot more oily. A lot of people are struggling with excess oil, making the skin textured and dull. It’s not a glow, it's more like a sticky waxy consistency within the skin. So, how do we manage excess oil during the summer without making you more sensitive to the sun? Increasing ingredients like retinols and alpha-hydroxy in the summertime can make you more sensitive, so you might even want to back off on those a little bit, but removing excess oil can be done safely in the summertime with our complexion clearing mask (we used to call it the sulfur mask).

I love using our complexion clearing mask at least once a week, sometimes twice a week depending on how oily you are, and in certain parts of your cycle you are more oily than not. I also love this to remove the excess oil by cleaning out those pores and decreasing inflammation. ApplyIng your product after masking allows them to go deeper into your skin where they do all that magic that we love about ZO products. They are going to make the skin hydrated while stimulating the skin and allowing those active ingredients to enter deeper into the dermis to build collagen. Protecting your skin is also important so all the active ingredients of your product will work better when you are sulfur masking.

My favorite product for that dewy summerglow is the AOX serum. We introduced this product a couple months ago and we have been falling in love over and over with this product. Why do we love it so much? It’s an antioxidant, so let’s talk about that. Antioxidants are our skin's barrier to environmental damage (free radicals that are hitting our skin and pollutants). Things that are oxidizing our skin and aging it are protected with antioxidants, so we love that.

Anytime we can double up makeup with something good for the skin, we love that. A lot of our sunscreen doubles up as our makeup so this is something you apply under your sunscreen as your last product in the morning. I also love this product for inflammation and hydration!

A lot of times we recommend that we back off on our retinoids and our vitamin a derivatives during the summertime because they make us more sensitive to the sun. Therefore, when you’re using less retinol, oftentimes we get buildup of dead skin because retinol is helping us release that buildup. As a result of this, the skin can get duller, appearing less hydrated looking and maybe a little textured. One product you can use during the summertime that can release that dull dead skin and beautifully reveal a hydrated glowing skin from inside is, the Enzymatic Peel. Think about Pac-Man eating that dull dead skin buildup and giving you soft texture the next day and staying hydrated within skin. Also, a great way to get summerglow is getting a facial; so our Hydrafacial and Diamond Glow are great ways to get glowing!

That is all for Skincare Sunday, I hope you guys learned something with me, talk to you all next time!

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